The Whitsunday Islands (A piece of the world)

The Whitsunday Islands

A couple of weeks ago we had our mid-term break where we flew to Airlie beach in The Whitsundays. This was our first stop on the roadtrip up north. There we went on a boat trip for two days and one night, where we snorkled and enjoyed the sun on deck. Both me and Jonas suffer from seasickness, and we were nervous about getting sick on the boat trip. Luckily, we had the most perfect weather in weeks and rumors says that the storm was on it way the day we left. The Whitsundays contains of 74 islands with white sands and coral sea everywhere. We visited the most popular beach Whitehaven.


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21.10.2015 kl.13:17

S utrolig flotte bilder! s helt fantastisk fint ut der. Virker og som en gy opplevelse :-D

21.10.2015 kl.17:48

Det s fantastisk ut :)

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